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OPI x The Amazing Spider-Man nail polish collaboration

Nail polish shades:

  • Your Web or Mine? - The perfect pink for sticky situations.
  • Into the Night - This perfect midnight blue was made for prowling.
  • Call Me Gwen-ever - Girlfriend, be sure to pick up when this urgent coral calls.
  • Just Spotted the Lizard - Be seen in this reptilian yellow-green.
  • My Boyfriend Scales Walls - Climb new heights with this cityscape white.
  • Number One Nemesis - Show your metal in this sparkling nickel.

Man, even Spidey would be groaning at those cheesy names. But regardless of the awful puns and the somewhat questionable color selection, Just Spotted the Lizard actually looks quite divine. Now, if only OPI could’ve created a white shatter polish that resembled webbing…